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Roofsafe Anchor
The Uniline RoofSafe™ Anchor from Capital Safety has been designed to eliminate or substantially reduce the risk of injury or death to users working at height, while ensuring the integrity of the structure to which it is attached.

This product must be professionally installed by Beta Safety System engineers. Please call us on 01252 547277 or send us an enquiry to discuss this in more detail.

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Product Details

In the event of a fall, the RoofSafe Anchor breaks open, deploying the unique and patented SpiraTech™ Force Management Technology absorbing system.

This reduces the forces generated on the roof structure to less than 6kN, the lowest of any of its kind on the market. This enables the anchor to be installed on a wide variety of old and new roof types without risk to structural integrity.

The RoofSafe Anchor can be used on pitched roofs as a single point anchor for maintenance tasks in localised areas. Variations of the anchor allow a single point to be used by either one or two users

In the unlikely event that the anchor is deployed, it is possible to remove the SpiraTech™ module and replace it with a new one. This is also an advantage with the ever changing building regulations, with the need for increased depth of roof insulation.

Principal features:

• Can be used for either work restraint or fall arrest
• Multi-directional force management technology employed
• Modular design
• Allows installation to multiple roofing systems.
• Reduced thermal bridging
• Can be load tested to 5kN
• The base plate designs incorporate multiple fixing options
• Designed to be easily weather proofed
• Aesthetically pleasing design
• ACR Magenta Book compliant
• Certified in line with EN 795 and BS 7883
• 25 Year Guarantee