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Innotech SDH02
The INNOTECH-SDH 02 is a safety roof hook that is installed to the roof structure. It is used to attach roofers ladders or as anchorage point for personal protective equipment.

This product must be professionally installed by Beta Safety System engineers. Please call us on 01252 547277 or send us an enquiry to discuss this in more detail.

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Product Details

The SDH 02 is used to secure a roofers ladders to a roof or as anchorage point for personal protective equipment.

Its unique design allows the anchors to be installed directly to the timber roof structure using stainless steel coach screws that only require an embedment of 100mm.

Thanks to the special design of the roof hook it always lies in the tile composite or roof covering composite,thus it is not necessary to bend the hook to the rafter base.

It weighs less than 1kg.

These prerequisites enable simple installation of the safety roof hook.

Engineering support from Innotech allows assessment of the structure and then a bespoke fixing pattern to be confirmed

Principal features of the SDH 02:

• Independently tested
• Factor of safety of 2 within design.
• Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
• Adjustable to fit a wide range of roof trusses
• Lightweight and architecturally inconspicuous
• Correct model can be used for 1 or 2 person connection
• Correct model designed for use within Class C horizontal lifeline
• Cost effective installation